I don't like it enough to go out of my way for it

TIL: There are OSHA approved combinations of earplugs and earphones (plugphones) that both block sound and let you pipe in sounds of your choice to mask what's left over. I ordered a pair of them and budgeted it as a writing expense.

"Watch me sharpen my knife before I carve up your roasted cousin."

Most of "the nukes" in the USA and Russia are empty shells. They were using the threat of each other to control their people.

Just setup a /#ssh BBS on a Linode. Pretend you're a nerd in 1980s Hawkins, IN!
IP Address:
Telnet Port (not encrypted): 1985
SSH Port (encrypted): 1984
Best viewed with syncterm (imo): syncterm.bbsdev.net/

Dig through your genealogy and find the roots your white ancestors hid. You may not "be" Native American, Black, or Asian -- being too far removed from your cousins -- but knowing who your family is, uncovering heritage that racism buried, that will be good for your soul.

We're all grieving for a Halloween on a Saturday with a clock setback being wasted on 2020

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