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So awesome, so funny!

"Mum, may we go on holiday to Majorca this summer?" —American Child

Having a go: US parents say Peppa Pig is giving their kids British accents

Show was second most in-demand cartoon in US households for 12-month run that ended in February, according to Parrot Analytics

It's true: life is high school. Nerds still hate jocks so much. The trauma is real PTSD. Dweebs never get over getting pantsed and swirlied and publicly humiliated. And geeks have never rented any space in the jock's mind, ever. Not a thought. Same thing today, for sure!

Who was it on here who was asking for my protocol to make DMT? I Had a pretty successful rxn by the look of it, I think.

I guess this article either doesn't know or forgets that gun people believe that some folks deserve a good dose of getting shot. Guns are not about public safety, they're about personal safety.

If you are anybody doing anything disruptive or defiant in the world, assume you're on this list—or lists like it.

This is the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life!

[Beef And Dairy Network] Episode 73 - Kenny Baritone 🅴

If you think you own the best thing of its kind, do NOT explore Japan because you'll find that a Japanese craftsman has not only made that thing better but way more expensive and beautiful, too.

If you're American and have one of these, you're an old.

@chris Sotchi is way better, it had Sun, the black sea + high mountains with Snow and no Limitations for athletes

Grocery shopping with my yellow canvas Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu tote bag.

Apparently, protecting our public servants against nobody is really expensive and we are welshers. Good to know.

Busted! They were tracking your phone and know how much you were actually cheating shamelessly on the quarantine, you lying liars who lie!

I thought the French and Germans were rational; I thought the French and Germans trusted their government.

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