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You want to know what humans will do to mitigate a global climate collapse? As little as humanly possible. You know how climate change will be mitigated? A climate-related Thanos event. That'll take care of the mitigation. Unlike Thanos, that population collapse will not be sudden atomization, it'll be extremely gnarly and obviously directly impact the most vulnerable and raze equatorial and southern hemispheric land masses with extreme ferocity. Yikes.

She's literally an actual female human being of the species who suffers from extreme uncanny valley.

Whoever lives here has AMAZING legs and an AWESOME butt under those robes!

Sometimes something just makes me think of my dearly departed mum, Barbara, and I think my mum would've really loved Call Me Kat.

Carl Sagan was a secular humanist Messiah indeed!

Carl Sagan Predicted The Mess 2021 Would Be 25 years Ago

Here's the full show with video.

Adam Curry on Coordinated COVID Attacks, Following the Money, and Michael and Janet Jackson

Curry & The Keeper 04: "Money Stick" with Adam Curry & Tina Curry

I super love it that @megynkelly and @adamcurry came to blows over Russia and Kazakhstan and Putin and I think it was a draw. Two Very Big Bucks crashing into each other! I was super-impressed today on the @MegynKellyShow !

Watch @adamcurry on @MegynKellyShow with @megynkelly via @YouTube

Do you think that Brandon is too toxic for the Dems to embrace as their own or are they doing it?

It's gotten to the point where America's at Peak Trauma.

Pelvic exams can be ‘traumatic.’ Here’s how women and experts suggest lessening anxiety.

The global crypto market cap is $2.02 trillion with a 24-hour volume of $91.81 billion. The price of Bitcoin is $42,889.89 and the BTC dominance is at 40.3%.

Even though he's probably right about me, I still blocked him!

No matter how these things seem like they'll be targeted at neonazis, they inevitably will be retargeted at black men, immigrants, the poor, and people of color.

Not nefarious at all! Also, we're not sheep and that's not a book about shepherding sheep at all. For reals. No joke. (and those aren't devil tails in the title font, either, I promise!)

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