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Heading to Baltimore today via buses and trains to visit an oldest friend and is beautiful wife. 👖 Jeans fit! That's a great sign and delightful feedback on my health, wellness, fitness, and weightloss journey, inshallah!

I just learned that Australians eat hagelslag too. Thanks, NPR!

Jennifer Lawrence was in Medium as supporting cast. Fascinating.

Do you spell deployable "deplorable" or do you spell deplorable "deployable?"

How Hacked Records Revealed Oath Keepers Ties With Police Departments via @onthemedia

My high school sweetheart's little sister, Fiona Marr, is on Ted Lasso! Unreal! She went by "Fifi La Fondue" in college. How awesome is that?

Full episode!

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 10/10/2021 | HBO October 10th 2021 FULL NEW"#HBO #JohnOliver

Sounds like being a non-English-speaking American is probably a completely different world. There are very little resources left over for hearts and mind control! ;)

Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses how misinformation spreads among immigrant diaspora communities, how little some platforms have done to stop it, and, most importantly,...

It's time! Tune into WAMU 88.5 FM for The Big Broadcast

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Sorry, it's a private playground for Comrade Chris and his friends.