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Dropped a new pod!

Please tell me if this heralded short story that just dropped in my favorite magazine of my entire young life, The @NewYorker, gets any better.

Listen to "Why is 'Satellites' by Rebecca Curtis featured fiction in The New Yorker? S2E20". ⚓

"NPR looks at how ham radio operators are keeping residents safe."

@adam @Johncdvorak

How A Group Of Dedicated Volunteers Are Keeping California's Wildfires At Bay

The Los Angeles Fire Department depends on help from amateur radio volunteers when fire threatens communications infrastructure. NPR looks at how ham radio operators are keeping residents safe.

I was just listening to BBC World and this woman was talking about all the violins in her country. I hear so many reports of countries with violins. Where are all these instruments coming from?

Season one was awesome. Season two seems less good. I did like the Weehawken rap. But I was born in Jersey City but I lived in Weehawken before we moved to Murray Hill, Manhattan.

Domestic violence shelters are swamped. Experts worry surging gun sales could make things worse

Domestic violence increased across the country during the pandemic, studies show, and experts worry the concurrent explosion in gun ownership likely heightened the danger.

Rewriting our story 🅴 • Vox Conversations - via Podcast Addict

Vox's Jamil Smith speaks with novelist and author Kiese Laymon in a far-ranging conversation about Laymon's reacquiring the rights to his own books, the struggle of retelling our own stories, and the challenges of articulating American narratives that include all Americans accurately.

[Vox Conversations] Rewriting our story 🅴

Dave Winer is considered to be the father of blogging and the RSS feed AKA Really Simple Syndication. He's been connecting the dots and closing parentheses in Silicon Valley since the beginning of the tech industry.

[Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People] Dave Winer: Software Developer, Entrepreneur, and Writer 🅴

Tonight was a pilchards jacket potato 🥔 sort of night.

I get so angry and frustrated when I don't grok something immediately

Rule 1 for willfully defying your government: act surprised when your government crushes you.

Baller! I cannot deny it. Both the product and Luckey. Shameless respects shamelessness. Nobody on Silicon Valley has more than words towards ethical duty, especially Palantir.

Tech’s Most Controversial Startup Makes Drone-Killing Robots

Founded by Palmer Luckey and backed by Peter Thiel, Anduril is rekindling the connection between the American military and Silicon Valley.

True dis

Saagar Enjeti: If You Hate The Culture War, BLAME WHITE LIBERALS

Saagar uses data to demonstrate the outsized role white liberals play in the never ending culture war.

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