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Looks like she fucked up her son just like my "I want to make a feminist son" fucked up mine. Her poor soon grew up being afraid of the world! Don't dump your shit all over your children (step one).

Memoir Offers Advice On 'How To Raise A Feminist Son'

A feminist son, says author Sonora Jha, means "a boy who believes in the full humanity of women and girls around him." It also means recognizing that as they grow older, they can be led by women.

Easily my fave summertime song. Met Phoebe in Berlin. She's the bee's knees.

Phoebe Kreutz - All summer long

Track #1 of Phoebe Kreutz's album "Big lousy moon".

John Cena is crazy awesome and super funny!

Dressed As Peacemaker, John Cena Confesses His Feelings About John Oliver

John Cena is a 16-time WWE World Champion, author, and actor, but he still feels like he has a lot to prove to John Oliver.

One phenomenon is a phenomenon

Multiple phenomena are phenomena

Is you're experiencing one unique event you can't easily explain, it's a phenomenon not a phenomena.

You guys drive me nuts!

Lithium: Chile’s white gold • Discovery - via Podcast Addict

The Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2019 was awarded to John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino " for the development of lithium-ion batteries." These rechargeable batteries are in our phones, and in our laptops. And they will be the batteries powering electric vehicles which we are being urged to use in place of ones fuelled by gasoline and diesel.

The Jab: Can distribution be fair? • Economist Radio - via Podcast Addict

More than a billion doses of covid-19 vaccine have been made. Now comes the hard part: ensuring every country in the world has access to them. Can distribution be made more equitable?  Alok Jha and Natasha Loder are joined by Edward Carr, The Economist’s deputy editor, and Sondre Solstad, senior data journalist.

@adam @THErealDVORAK_bot

For those of you busy making fun of Australia for being a British penal colony, eat it! Glass houses, baby! America's an OG UK penal colony!

Nobody's talking about this at all but it's ongoing: Saudi Arabia is getting droned by Yemen ongoing. It's nowhere in the news. This is a report from my buddy in Kuwait. Amazing how well the news is curated.

Coalition shoots down 4 Houthi drones targeting Saudi Arabia | Arab News

If all goes well this week should be riding my 'new' (to me and rebuilt motor) Yamaha VK540 II to the cabin next weekend. Wide track, under seat storage, elec start, low miles, reverse and low gears, upgraded light weight front skis, etc...

This baby broke trail on the grooming run for the Iditarod in mid 90's.

@adam Dr. Leena doesn't work for CNN, she works for The George Washington University.....🕵🏻

Purged and shared fifteen pairs of shoes, some dead, some good enough for a second chance, and five bags of garbage for springy cleaning volume ten, electric boogaloo, tokyo drift! Ongoing!

The only character I like in Invincible is Damien Darkblood, demon detective.

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