Hollie (@holliedollie96) has created a short video on TikTok with music what should we fxcking daaah. | | What should we fackin da | I dont fackin nahh | Ya didnt na yastadah | ...


US Kisses Saudi Crown + Taliban's Tet Offensive

Abby Martin's Empire Update wraps up the last week in US imperialism: Biden breaks major campaign promise to punish Saudi Arabia for Khashoggi murder; US & F...


It looks like Amy Poehler got an extreme amount of new face for the new movie Moxie. I really liked her old face. Effing Hollywood.

Professional appoplexia.

3/4/21 • Morning Joe - via Podcast Addict

The U.S. House abruptly scrapped plans to meet Thursday following a joint bulletin from DHS and the FBI to state and local law enforcement agencies late Tuesday warning that some domestic groups have 'discussed plans to take control of the U.S. Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on or about' March 4.

[Morning Joe] 3/4/21
podcastaddict.com/episode/1199 via @PodcastAddict

I'm listening to BBC News and is anyone surprised that Myanmar/Burma crushes its opposition and has never responded with peaceful protests proportionally? That's not currently Burma's brand. Very military coupy.

U.N. says at least 38 dead in Myanmar anti-coup protests as security forces shoot to kill

Shooting protesters has emerged again as a crowd-control tactic, along with tear gas and stun grenades.


Jan. 6 Was An Inside Job

Preview clip of our new Empire Files podcast; full episode on Patreon.com/EmpireFilesAbby Martin and Mike Prysner bring you up to date about the ...


Wow. I was just joking about the word and making fun of southerners and I got blocked! Whoops!

For all y'all who are on the WandaVision addiction train, here's Vision's actor! Great interview.

"My Bald Head Is My Best Feature" - Paul Bettany On Playing Vision In The MCU

Long before Paul Bettany starred in the Disney+ series "Wandavision," when he was first cast as the character Vision in Marvel's "Avengers" movies, he discov...


Best prëmtive response to being on the precipice of being cancelled. Nothing like throwing a proactive million towards covid-19, rewrite Jolene, and become the coronavirus demo Dolly. She's savvy and I'm cynical.

From 'Jolene' To Vaccine: Dolly Parton Gets COVID-19 Shot She Helped Fund

The country music icon, who is 75, shares a video of herself getting vaccinated in which she riffs off her hit song "Jolene" and urges those eligible to get their shots, too.


Biden's First Act Of War Hits 3 Countries

Biden's Feb. 26 strike in Syria was a crime, and risks major war with three countries. Abby Martin explains.


Misinformation and disinformation are in the eyes of the Totalitarian democracy, more oft than not. Always beware who and how and when people speak of misinformation and disinformation because, more often than not, those speaking of the dangers of misinformation and disinformation tend to be just the same people who are proffering the same.

Sunny Days Ahead For This City's Food Trucks

"According to Steph Smith, her gig Sunny Days is ‘a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, community supporting, pandemic-proof independent restaurant incubator’"


Sunny Days Ahead For This City's Food Trucks

According to Steph Smith, her gig Sunny Days is ‘a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, community supporting, pandemic-proof independent restaurant incubator’


Community Organizers Respond To A Spike In D.C.'s Gun Violence - The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Gun homicides reached a 15-year peak in 2020. How are D.C.'s communities responding to the violence?


Officially now in my nightmares!

Demonstration of David Roentgen's Automaton of Queen Marie Antoinette, The Dulcimer Player

Watch a demonstration of Queen Marie Antoinette's Automaton playing one of eight melodies it can perform.Subscribe for new content from the Met: https://www....


Huzzah! The installation of KDE Neon is safely at the update all stage. Very exciting and everything I've been looking for to make this GPD Pocket the love of my life.

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