Ep60-Art Bell-Building a Time Machine-Mad Man Marcum • Art Bell Back in Time - via Podcast Addict

[Art Bell Back in Time] Ep60-Art Bell-Building a Time Machine-Mad Man Marcum

This is all about the whole brown paper bag thing @adam @MoeFactz talk about.

According to the show, It's not about light skin vs. dark skin, it's not an in fight, it's 100% created by white people.

"Colorism is a conspiracy by the white man to break apart black folks"

"Black doesn't exist except in its relationship to white"

But isn't skin lightening something that happens in Asia, India, Arabia, etc etc etc?

They never talk about plastic surgery.

Backstage II snapjudgment.org/episode/backs

Okay, Chris, get offa of your weekend sloth butt and get to weekend work!

Interesting watching, interesting listening.

The Big Lie Is "Not Some Passing Storm, It's The Climate In The Republican Party" - Robert Costa

Robert Costa, co-author with Bob Woodward of the book "Peril," points out that the GOP has largely embraced the previous president's lies about election frau...


"From the BBC World Service: American aerospace giant Boeing has announced that it will build its first factory outside the U.S. in Australia. It will produce unmanned military drones and is expected to create 3,500 jobs by 2028. India is second in the world for coal consumption, but it has set ambitious renewable energy targets. Is it ready to wean itself off of coal?"

In a perfect world; however, this meme feels like pure science corrupted by pride, hubris, snugness, arrogance, and a soupçon of superiority. That's not curiosity, that's text book elitism.

Australia's New Prison Colony - NPC Identification - Global Control Matrix with Max Igan • Forbidden Knowledge News - via Podcast Addict

[Forbidden Knowledge News] Australia's New Prison Colony - NPC Identification - Global Control Matrix with Max Igan


Esther Freud Reads “Desire” • The New Yorker: The Writer's Voice - New Fiction from The New Yorker - via Podcast Addict

Esther Freud reads her story “Desire,” from the September 27, 2021, issue of the magazine. Freud is the author of nine novels, including “Hideous Kinky,” “Mr. Mac and Me,” and “I Couldn’t Love You More.”


1383: "Spook Nation"

1383: "Spook Nation"NO AGENDA EPISODE 1383 - "SPOOK NATION""Spook Nation"Executive Producers:Sir JalbertLynn BSir Harvey WallbangerDame Angela CastanedaSir J...


I had a best friend named Jean for twenty years and she played the bass and I never made one "gene expression" joke. We broke up for good in 2011 as friends so maybe it'll never happen. It's a less common name than you think. There are Genes, too. That would be to perfect. Maybe some day. Inshallah. I miss her. She was fab.

Pakistan isn't our friend. Has Pakistan ever, for reals, been our ally or just a marriage of convenience been two brides who actually really fucking hate each other?

I think the mass deportation Biden is doing publicly of black refugees from a destroyed neighboring nation that liberated itself from slavery might be considered racist. Actually, would be totally racist under the Trump regime.

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