Thanks to Joe Guadagnino for hooking me up with a photo of my photographer Dad, Bob Abraham, either looking at slides or posing as a slide-looker. My Jersey Cowboy and his snap-button shirts. I didn't inherit his curly hair or his majestic and trademark forehead mole. I just noticed how hairless his forearms and hands are compared to my yeti hands. Love you, dad, you handsome bastard!

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How old was he in this shot?
Does he look like how you remembered him, given your condition of aphantasia?

@Economic_Hitman I don't know. Maybe 40-45. As an aphant, I remember things like Specs (specifications): I remember the narrow carriage, I remember the mole. I forgot he had a cleft in his chin (I don't). I remember the curly black hair. I don't remember how delicate and hairless and beautiful his forearms and hands were. I remember his skin tanner and I remember tattoos on his forearms from the Marines. I definitely remember his penchant for button-down snap cowboy shirts. Also, his big nose*

@Economic_Hitman * compared to all the locals in Hawaii with tiny, flat, noses.

@Economic_Hitman "given your condition of aphantasia?" I am honored that you know/remember/thought of that. I feel a little invisible these days.

@Economic_Hitman I hope so. I didn't know about it until only a year ago. And I think highly-functioning "phants" are constantly having psychotic and hallucinogenic episodes. My buddy described it as "the only difference between hyperphants and schizophrenics is that hyperphants know where the images and voices come from whereas hallucinating psychotics and schizophrenics either can't tell or lose control or lose trust of their own personal organic AR and VR experiences." That's how he sees it.

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