Zut alors! Yesterday's Spring Cleaning is turning out to be a two day, all weekend long, Winter Cleansing! I'm going to drop the blinds so I don't notice the blue skies, the moderate temperatures, and the sunny day (don't tell Chris!).

@chris Since my beloved kitty died I found that we've been invaded by mice. NOW I'm doing winter-spring thorough cleaning. More cleaning now than in the past 28 years!!!
I NEED a kitty again.
Smokin'Hot husband isn't quite ready for one. Now he's sanding all the cupboard shelves instead of the other renovations he had planned. Perhaps he's getting closer???

I have some mice but no cats so I've become my own kitty. Those little guys can sense when you're looking at them. There are some dumb ones but there are some genius mice as well.

@chris I hope that as the genius ones see that they've been discovered, and realize I'm now aware of and watching for them they'll leave me alone!!! And the others -- well, Husband has found those Victor helps and that will take care of the others.

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