Juicy goss: "First, we're told this was not a friendly split. We're told Melinda and most of the family were furious at Bill for various things they claim he had done." Oh no he di'in!

Bill Gates Drew Anger of Family During Secret Island Trip Ahead of Divorce

The Bill and Melinda divorce has been a done deal for months, TMZ has learned, and they had a plan to announce it back in March ... a plan that included renting a remote, private island where the entire family.


Lucas Till Reacts To 'MacGyver' Cancellation

During ET Canada Live, Roz Weston, Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante discuss the abrupt announcement that "MacGyver" is ending after 5 seasons.


Taiwan death pool?

Taiwan: 'China preparing for final military assault'

Speaking exclusively to Sky News, Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has issued a stern warning that China in the final stages of a military assault


So, is all of this climate change stuff real or is it marketing and advertising?

I'm so confused! Isn't this about the earth and sustainability and avoiding climate collapse and an imminent extinguish event for humanity?

American Birth And Fertility Rates Plunge To All Time Lows During Covid Pandemic, CDC Says

U.S. births have consistently been below replacement levels since 2007, meaning more people are dying than being born.


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Why aren't they painting this as awesome? This is great! Empowered women plus lower population! Sounds like a golden ticket!

A crashing population is brilliant for climate change, right? This is a good thing. Just Gaia doing things naturally without dimming the sun, right?


Coloradans Worry About Mental Health Effects Of Some Pot Products

Reports of psychosis associated with new cannabis concentrates have half a dozen states proposing new regulations They're also proposing more taxes to fund research about the unknowns in concentrates.


Crist or Grist? For the State or for the Mill?

Charlie Crist Officially Launches Run Against Ron DeSantis For Florida Governor 2022

Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL), a former GOP governor of Florida, officially jumps into the race against incumbent Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.Stay ConnectedFor...


So proud of my favorite project management company, Basecamp.

The CEO flushed out all the noodleboys!

Maybe the CEO has noodle resistant body armor.

A third of Basecamp's workforce quits after CEO bans political talk at work

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz reacts to the Basecamp CEO's ban on political talk at work.


Messaging that crime in black community only ever happens out if life and death necessity and should be treated leniently (which is actually probably extremely true).

Bull 5x14 “Under the Influence”


Play the theremin! Too late, you missed it. And it was exactly what you thought it might be. Was so entertaining!

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