Here's hoping Barbados thrives and doesn't become yet another poor island. I want Barbados to kick butt! Good luck, Barbadians/Bajans!

Out with the queen: Barbados breaks from British monarchy, becomes republic via @ABC7NY

Be very afraid (or rejoice if you're paternalistic) CENSORSHIP: New Twitter CEO 'NOT BOUND' By First Amendment | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Security clearance interviews are like Christmas Cards in DC, it's how you know someone is still alive.

Listen to "Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty intermittent fasting (IF) for health and longevity but extremely dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty S3E9" by ChrisCast with Chris Abraham. ⚓

Sorry, you can't both be a Buddhist or Hindu and also tell me that this is my one life, the life I have been given. Mixed message. Such contradiction. I'll accept, "this is a life, and it's school, so do well or you'll be kept back." I'll respond to that, you beloved reïncarnators.

You won't believe me but Saved By The Bell season two is the funniest TV show ever made since Monty Python.

Truth! We don't appreciate them enough. It's totes our fault. We citizens suck! We're not worthy!

"Krystal and Saagar respond to the comments made by Hillary Clinton on MSNBC blaming the American people for not approving of the Biden Presidency."

My dirty OMAD via @chrisabraham

tl;dr: my intermittent fasting golden ticket is a one-meal-a-day framework that doesn’t chase making calories or macros. Sometimes my daily calories will be 800 and sometimes 2,000, and that’s OK.

From mulled wine to nulled wine!

r/worldnews - Omicron variant: European country bans Christmas markets, public drinking in bid to combat COVID-19 wave

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If this is true, what a fun trend!

Looting craze spreads beyond California: Stores in U.S. heartland blitzed by smash-and-grab mobs

This is one of my favorite yearly traditions! If you've never, be sure to prioritize and listen!

Hanukkah Lights 2021

For the 31st anniversary of Hanukkah Lights, Susan Stamberg and Murray Horwitz revisit old favorites.

Just visited Hawaii for Thanksgiving week.

Hawaii is the perfect mix of North American and Asian political cultures, the graft of north America for all public projects, and the fascism of Asia without the cost effective government.

That stupid island group is still using oil to generate electric power, and together with the green energy graft, that has managed to boost the prices to levels ($0.35/kWh) only seen in green hellholes like California and Germany.

@chris gonna need resurrection after that lmao. pray to Jesus!

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